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Idiom conflation is a poetic art with a purpose. It is possible to dramatically re-contextualize words, or to simply combine commonplace expressions in a completely perfunctory manner. The compilation found on this webpage offers an abundance of examples in both of these categories, all of them being valuable contributions. Although many conflations are created artificially, a properly attuned ear will sometimes overhear them in everyday conversation. It is crucial in either scenario to maintain a strict, disciplined practice of recording conflations as they occur. The most practical way to accomplish this is to have a notepad available at all times. Remember, as with any discipline, conflation requires considerable time, mental energy, and commitment in order to make meaningful progress.

Some of the most common problems you will grapple with include:

• sufficient reference to the original root expression
• shades of grey in terms of congruence or incongruence
• likelihood of undetected use in actual conversation
• general aesthetics

To gain a deeper understanding of the creative issues at stake, or to make a submission of your own, please visit the workshop page. After a period of review in the workshop, successful submissions are posted on the official list.

*Please search both the Congruent & Incongruent sections of this website before making a submission*